The production company Kinomaton Berlin, founded in 2006, is owned by Sarita Sharma. She holds a Law Degree from University of Hamburg and a Postgraduate Diploma in Media Management from Bournemouth University, and graduated from Atelier Ludwigsburg-Paris (La Fémis/Filmakademie Baden-Württemberg) as well as from the EURODOC program.

Her German-Polish co-production “Fuck For Forest” by Michal Marczak, sold by Dogwoof, received the “Best Documentary” Award at Warsaw International Film Festival in 2013 and has been screened at numerous film festivals since (Rotterdam, SXSW, Docpoint Helsinki, Munich International Documentary Film Festival etc.). Her production “The First Sea” by director Clara Trischler, sold by Filmdelights, premiered at Zurich International Film Festival 2013 and other international festivals in 2014. Sarita has been selected “Emerging Producer 2012” by Jihlava International Film Festival, and as a participant of Documentary Campus Masterschool 2014. In 2015, her transmedia documentary project “Baltic Warriors” was produced in 7 countries around the Baltic Sea, along with an interactive platform, a mobile app and street games. Her co-production “Soviet Hippies” was screened in 2017 on ARTE television and at numerous festivals including DOK Leipzig, São Paulo International Film Festival and Estdocs Film Festival in Toronto, where it received the Jury Award. Accompanying the movie, Kinomaton Berlin also produced the 6-episode web series “Alternative Russia” for ARTE Creative, which leads the movie’s topic from a historical context into contemporary Russia.