written and directed by Christoph Kühn

DOCUMENTARY / FICTION, 90/75 min., 2011

Producer/world sales: Ventura Film
Executive producer: Kinomaton Berlin
Cinematographer: Carlo Varini
Editors: Joanna Brüehl, Milenia Fiedler, Francesco Jost, Gion-Reto Killias
Sound design: Peter Bräker
Cast: Ayk Broszeit, Friederike Walken, Dirk Hartman, Arthur Albrecht

In coproduction with: SRF, SRG, SSR
Supported by: Bundesamt für Kultur (EDI), Suissimage, Succés Cinema, etc.

Screenings: Festival Internacional Filmes Sobre Arte Portugal Lisboa 2013, FIFA Montréal 2013, 47. Solothurner Filmtage, Locarno Festival 2011
Awards: Prix de la création Groupe Média TFO 2013 (Festival International du Film sur l'Art Montréal)


Documentary about the life of the great Swiss mystery writer, foreign legionary, Dadaist and morphine addict.

Münsingen. The night is quiet, dark. Friedrich Glauser can’t stop brooding. The Foreign Legionnaire, dadaist, author and morphine addict takes stock of his botched life. The tormented moments from his childhood surface like blisters. Although growing ever larger, they refuse to burst. Writing about it bridges the gap between life in the asylum and the world outside. He creates a positive father figure in the person of Sergeant Studer and becomes famous. After his release Glauser flees from Switzerland. But the further away he goes to try and start a new life the more his past catches up with him – and all the more without mercy.